Adult Autism

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An Adult Autistic

My name is Samantha. I am autistic, something I did not know for the first thirty-four years of my life. I am what many of us refer to as a late diagnosed autistic adult. In many ways my story is very much the same as any other autistic. In other ways living so long without a diagnosis created a life of profoundly negative experiences.

Sometimes negative experiences open us to unique views on life and the world around us. This describes my experience with autism and receiving an adult diagnosis.

Understanding that I am autistic changed my sense of self in very fundamental ways. In turn, this gives me a unique view on the complicated relationship between adulthood and autism. It also allows me to compare life before and after diagnosis, offering insights that autistics with early diagnosis may not have.

Many adult autistics, early diagnosis and late diagnosis alike, share my experiences. Many do not. As many adult autistics share my stories, my understanding, and my views on autism, as do not. My life is not the end all, be all of life as an adult autistic.

Still, It is my hope there is something for everyone here. 

On Adult Autism

As an autistic interested in autism itself it is no surprise I interact online with the autistic and autism communities. Through social media I share my personal experiences as an autistic adult and I answer questions about autism. This interaction is one of the best parts of my daily routine.

Unfortunately, the speed of social media is faster than I can keep up with. I find myself choosing to gloss over some aspects of adult autism to keep up with the other conversations in the community. For the most part this is not a bad thing. I am very aware that my personal blog is now more generalized. I love talking with autistics. I love interacting with autistics. I love helping autistics. Despite my personal blog evolving away from its intent I have no wish to change it.

At the same time my personal blog doesn’t meet all of my needs. I still want a place to express my thoughts on adult autism without distraction. This is how the blog Sparrows and Penguins began to take shape in my mind.

I want to step back from the fast pace of social media. I want to explore adult autism at my pace. I want to take time to explore the context and nuances of adult autism. I want to write a more realistic story about adult autism. I want to share that story with others.

Following the themes in the short story Sparrows and Penguins, adult autism is the central topic of this blog, yet autism never exists on its own. Whether an attempt at casual conversation or trying to cope with debilitating anxiety, autism affects and every life experience – just as every life experience affects autism. As our experience with autism change, how we perceive and interact with the world also change.

For many adult autistics remaining undiagnosed into adulthood, discovering this circle of autism alters our fundamental sense of self. It is this understanding of self, this awakening, that Sparrows and Penguins explores.

Welcome to Sparrows and Penguins. I hope you learn something new and interesting.