Autistic Communication Advice

AutismQA: Autistic Communication Advice

Question: How Does Autistic Communication Work? Do you have any tips for communicating with an autistic person? – Anonymous Answer: Use Autistic Communication Autistic communication is different from allistic communication. When you look at how autistic communication works and meet…

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AutismQA Contextual Learning
Autism, ADHD

AutismQA: Contextual Learning

Question: Why Is It Hard to Remember What I Study? When it comes to studying my memory only seems to recall it in specific spaces. [I struggle with contextual learning.] If I decide to do homework at home, I struggle…

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Introducing A New Blog Project

An Adult Autism Blog On my personal adult autism blog¬†Candidly Autistic¬†I interact directly with the autistic and autism communities through social media. I share my personal experiences as an autistic adult and I answer questions about autism. This interaction with…

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sparrows flying

Sparrows and Penguins

Preface (On Adult Diagnosis) In Sparrows and Penguins author J. Murray explores the life changing transition that comes with an adult autism diagnosis. Despite pushes for early detection and diagnosis of autism many of us are not diagnosed in childhood.…

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