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Do you have questions about autism you want answered? Ask your question here and I will try to give an answer. There is no subject off-limits and you may remain anonymous. Your name and email address are optional. If you want to read past questions and answers check out my AutismQA tag on Candidly Autistic and Sparrows and Penguins. If you do not have a specific question and want to learn about a topic please Suggest a Topic instead.



Ask Questions About Autism

Tips For Questions About Autism

Complicated questions are welcome. I urge you to ask difficult and nuanced questions. Ask as few questions as possible at a time. Give only the information needed to answer the question. If you include your email address (not required) I will reach out and ask for clarification if necessary.

Questions About Autism Disclaimer

Because of the high volume of questions that I receive across Candidly Autistic and Sparrows and Penguins I am not able to answer all questions about autism. All questions are kept and periodically reviewed. Please do not ask a question about autism a second time. It does not increase the chances I will answer the question.